Friday, October 27, 2006

When The Clouds Are Crying

When the clouds are crying,
We feel like crying too,
For when it rains, the heavy drops,
Obscure the distant view.

The darkness crowds around us,
The gloom is oh so drear,
It seems to stay for an eternity,
It gives us little cheer.

We want to push it all away,
And give the sun some space,
To wallow in the warmth exposed,
And see that sunshine's face.

To feel the heat upon our backs,
And close our eyes in bliss,
Observe the shimmering heat haze,
And taste the bright sun's kiss.

So when the clouds are crying,
There's nothing we can do,
Except to wait and hope, then watch,
The sun come smiling through.

~© Ernestine Northover~

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