Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The More I Think About It

The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others.

~© Vincent Van Gogh~


stuck-in-duck said...

i was only just thinking of van gogh last night. are yoy familiar with starry night? the painting and the song? i've read alot about van gogh's life and admired his works for quite a while. your picture with this post even looks like something he would have liked to capture. are you familiar with max ehrmann's "desiderata"? it's been one of my favorite things to read when i'm in one of my "ruts".

i wasn't born in this county,but i've lived in this area for almost 20 years,so we may have met or seen each other at an event or public place. i really dont know.
i have enjoyed your sight for a long time and i am glad i finally
took the time to create an account so i could respond.

thank you again for sharing your talents with me,(and the whole wide world)and i would tell you to please keep up your works. they are appreciated!

SmileyTD said...

Yes, I am familiar with both Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and Ehrmann's "Desiderata". :) "Desiderata" is one of my favorite pieces for those low times, as well. I actually have it printed and framed, sitting on my desk. It's very positive, but not boldly or sickeningly so. It makes a person step back and think, and always gives me that little "push" that I need to make myself feel better. :)

If you've lived here in Clay for that length of time, I'm sure that we've seen one another in passing, at least, as I've lived here all of my life.

I think that it's great that you enjoy my blog so well. :) Thank YOU for taking the time to visit here and for showing your appreciation. I'm glad you made the decision to let me know that my messages were reaching someone in the way that I had intended and hoped.