Monday, May 15, 2006

Had I Not Seen The Sun

Had I not seen the Sun,
I could have borne the shade,

But Light a newer Wilderness,
My Wilderness has made.

~© Emily Dickinson~


Southern Boy said...

GM TD!!!

Beautiful pic.

Don't you just love the sun?

Have A Southern Day.

Big Papa 42 said...

Hey T .. Question for ya. Are you in the book or will I have to yell out your name real loud when I get into town?

SmileyTD said...

Good evening, SB!! Thank you for the photo compliment. Yes, I DO really, really, really love the sun. :) It's wonderful...always seems to make me feel soooo much better about life, my days...everything.
Hope your day was a good one today. Talk to you soon.

SmileyTD said...

Big Papa, you can yell for me...I'm sure I'll hear you. haha Nah, really...My number is in the book, but my first name is misprinted. I'll just send ya' the number in an email later on this evening. Probably be the easiest way. LOL

Big Papa 42 said...

alright sounds good to me send it to