Monday, May 01, 2006

Just Because

I'd sell my soul for you, babe-
For money to burn with you.
I'd give you all and have none, babe-
Just-a, just-a, just-a, just-a
To have you here by me...

~Lyrics from "Rebel Yell"-Billy Idol~


Southern Boy said...

OOh Yea,
Little Angel..

She "want" more!


M O R E!!




SmileyTD said...

*does the Billy Idol lip snurl*

'At's right, SB!! (Damn sexy, too!!) hehe :P I just knew I'd manage to get you to sing it with me. (6) hahaha

Good morning to you, too!! Thank you for the compliments on the pic. The clouds were soooo awesome yesterday. I saw so many different densities, shapes and sizes. Several of them looked like the breakers in the ocean...made me think of an underwater camera, looking up into the white caps as they crashed down. Some of the clouds looked like I could have touched them. It was amazing. I hope you have a great day today. (Now, I hafta' go back out and play in the grass for a while. Wheeeeee. LOL)

SmileyTD said...

You know...I heard this tune last night and something made me wanna' post those lyrics. (I always post whatever goes along with what I'm thinking/feeling at the time.) I haven't been able to get the song out of my head for a good while, though.

After hearing it last night, I have been finding myself singing it or humming through the instrumental parts repeatedly (even doing the little growly "Owww" that he does). It happens every time I'm busy with something. (Yes, Rebel Yell has become my latest earworm. LOL)

But...since reading your post earlier, the only part I seem to be singing is "Ooh Yeah, Little Angel...She want more. MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MO-ORE"...then I can hear that killer "dun, dun-da-duh-duh" and the drums at the end, just as clear as a bell. LMAO

(Don't really have a point or anything. Just hadda' share that with you. :P)

Southern Boy said...

I understand.

SmileyTD said...

LOL...Good. I'd hate to have to try to explain. :P That could be even more confusing...and pointless. haha

Mowing is complete and the weedeating is 3/4 of the way finished (my ass is tired, too). All in all, it's been a very productive day. :)

Southern Boy said...

Productivity and a sore ass....

Interesting combination.


SmileyTD said...

LMAO...Yes, it is. :P

Bo®nbadd said...

u 2 should get a room =)) ~~Hiya tree >:D<

SmileyTD said...

Ya' know...I was thinking the exact same thing. LMAO Hiya to you too, Joe!! How are ya'?? Hope all is well. You're gonna' have to get on that computer guy's ass and get your 'puter fixed soon. Give me a yell one of these years when you're not busy.