Sunday, April 16, 2006

I Have Found Such Joy

I have found such joy in simple things;
A plain, clean room, a nut-brown loaf of bread,
A cup of milk, a kettle as it sings,
The shelter of a roof above my head,
And in a leaf-laced square along the floor,
Where yellow sunlight glimmers through a door.

I have found such joy in things that fill
My quiet days: a curtain's blowing grace,
A potted plant upon my window sill,
A rose, fresh-cut and placed within a vase;
A table cleared, a lamp beside a chair,
And books I long have loved beside me there.

Oh, I have found such joys I wish I might
Tell every woman who goes seeking far
For some elusive, feverish delight,
That very close to home the great joys are:
The elemental things--old as the race,
Yet never, through the ages, commonplace.

~© Grace Noll Crowell~


Bo®nbadd said...

I can relate to this poem for I have found some joy of late in the simple things in life ~!!even the sunshine seams warmer when your content~!! Be well Tree~~ =)

SmileyTD said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better, Joe. It's great that you're finally finding a bit of peace. You're absolutely right about the sunshine, by the way. :)

Speaking of sunshine...

Hello, SB!!! Hope you got the chance to get out and enjoy that golden sunshine yesterday!! It was gorgeous out. :)