Monday, April 17, 2006

Sunshine And Music

A laugh is just like sunshine.
It freshens all the day,
It tips the peak of life with light,
And drives the clouds away.
The soul grows glad that hears it
And feels its courage strong.
A laugh is just like sunshine
For cheering folks along.

A laugh is just like music.
It lingers in the heart,
And where its melody is heard
The ills of life depart;
And happy thoughts come crowding
Its joyful notes to greet:
A laugh is just like music
For making living sweet.

~© Author Unknown~


Southern Boy said...

Hey TD!!

Killer Pic!

Best one yet!

Nice poem too!

Have A Southern Day!

SmileyTD said...

Hello, SB!! (My Altered Ego) LOL Glad ya' like the poem and the pic...thought you might. That's one of the pics I took last week, standing by the road across from the Lumber Store. :) (By the way, I managed to cut the power line out of it just fine.) Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, too. :)