Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thou Art To Me...

Thou art to me a delicious torment.

~© Ralph Waldo Emerson~

~Vector Art Used In Tag © Einon Rees-


Bo®nbadd said...

Whos art man ?

SmileyTD said...

I made the tag, but the woman is a vector by Einon Rees from Deviant Art. :) Awesome, isn't it?

Bo®nbadd said...

well yes your Very Awsome~~ =)

Southern Boy said...
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Southern Boy said...

and Deviant!

and Devious!

and *Devine*!
(I know its spelled wrong, but I think it kinda flooooows better.)

Have A Southern Day

~*I Like Pink*~ said...

Do you post in deviant art as well TD? i got a really great friend who puts his drawings in there as well maybe youd like to check out his stuff some time. He does alot of anime and personal feelings its wonderful

Id love to see what you have in deviant art if you have posted ^^

*hugs lots*
oh and btw ty so so much for the feedback.... it really means alot to me. IF you and your sister have a spare evening next week id love for us and my sissy to find us a parkin spot and hood sit with a nice cool one and play catch up ^^

SmileyTD said...

Well, thank you, Joe! :) You're quite awesome yourself. Hope you're smiling.

SB, where in the world would you get an idea that I'm devious? Muahahahahahaha (6) And you think I'm divine, too?! Wow. You really are never gonna' get rid of me. LOL (Yes, "devine" does flow better. :P)

Hello , ILP. Your friend's gallery is awesome. He has a lot of talent...and I love the emotion in the pics.

I don't have a Deviant Art gallery. Never really thought about it. Here's one of my better freehand drawings, though. :P (By the way, my scanner the pic isn't quite as clear as it is on paper.)

You are welcome for the feedback. Just let me know when you want to get together and we'll do some hood sitting. That would be fun. :) My sis's little girl plays Tee Ball, so I'll check to see when the best time would be for her...and I'm free anytime. :)

~*I Like Pink*~ said...

You do freehand very well indeed ^^

BTW hehe nice test subject for that pic *wink wink*

I Think i actually blushed when it opened on my screen *face all red*
I need to do something to my scanner its misbehaving!! ITs got lines running down it well i guess across it... Kinda like green and yellow stripes. So no kudos to my scanner but mega kudos to your likeness of our good friend ^^ Laura does drawings of ppl as well. I do mostly nature and animals and some anime. Maybe we can swop drawings one day as well.
Ty for makin me blush =P and
*hugs lots*

SmileyTD said...

You are most welcome for the blushing. ;) I thought you might like that drawing. hehehe Just couldn't resist. >:P And thank you for the compliments on it. I appreciate those greatly.

Never was very good at drawing people, but I've been trying to practice (when I have inspiration). Nature is always a good subject, as well as other still life. Cartoons are the most fun, though. :) Might have known once upon a time that Laura liked to draw, but I'd forgotten if I did.

My scanner does the same thing. Usually the lines are wide and are yellowish-green or purple, though. It's aggravating. If they aren't really bad, I can take them out in Paint Shop Pro sometimes.

Today, we drove around almost all afternoon. We went through Peach Orchard and circled all the way back around down I-79, getting off at Servia and following the river road back to here. (We made a required pit stop at the Dairy Queen in Summersville before heading back, though. LOL) I spent half of the drive stopping off beside the road to take pics. Got some awesome flower and cloud pics again. :) It always makes me feel like I've accomplished something when I get good ones. :D Hope you and the gals had a good one, too.

*Lots of hugs*