Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Learned About What I Love

I learned about what I love. Imagination, deep friendship, animals, family, the natural world, ideas and ideals...and silliness.

~© Bill Watterson-Creator Of Calvin & Hobbes~


Bo®nbadd said...

hey nice coon ya got there =)~~hope ya got on a smile ~~=)

SmileyTD said...

Thank you. We have several baby coons and a Momma that come to visit our porch regularly here. Usually, they run before I can get out there with my camera. That night, however, one of them got separated from the others and I was between the gate and him.

I squatted down on the porch (with the cam in hand) and said "come here, little fella'", not expecting him to do anything but try to get past me or run. Well, I was WRONG. LOL He just kinda' toddled over to me...got within a couple inches of my fingers, but when I clicked the shutter on the camera (trying to get a REAL close-up shot), he quickly hunkered down. All I got was ears and his back in that pic. LOL He then flitted back over to the "hiding spot" under the couch. When he came out that time is when I got the pic I posted here. He was chattering at me the entire time I was out there. LOL It was cute.

By the way, I have half a smile. Does that count? LOL Hope you're doing well. :) :) :)

Bo®nbadd said...

half a smile is better then none @ all ~~be well and big bear hugs Tree~~

SmileyTD said...

Big bear hugs right back atcha', Joe!! Thank you very much, by the way. :)