Thursday, June 01, 2006

Such A Morning It Is

Such a morning it is when love
leans through geranium windows
and calls with a cockerel's tongue.

When red-haired girls scamper like roses
over the rain-green grass,
and the sun drips honey.

~© Laurie Lee~


Southern Boy said...

(flipping through pages of the Porn-o-pedia ...

GM TD!!!

What the Hell is a cockerel's tongue?

Sounds dirty. LMAO


SmileyTD said...

LMAO...Good morning, SB!!! A cockerel is a young cock...or rooster. ;) hahaha It does sound dirty, even at that...doesn't it? :P

I have a funny feeling that it's going to be a Southern Goodern today. The sun is shining bright, so that's a good sign. :) Hope your day is going well today.

~*I Like Pink*~ said...

Hi Hi TD :)

I hope you have been enjoying these nice sunny days like we have ^^ Gonna spend a few days at crystals to go swimin at summersville next week ^^ WEEE!

Havent heard from you in a while thought id stop by :)
*lots of hugs*

ps who is mike that is all over roses blog? do i know him or rather should i know him? like went to school with us or is he older or younger? cant seem to place him.

~*I Like Pink*~ said...
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SmileyTD said...

Hey, ILP!!

Yeah, you should know who Mikey L is. He's short, blonde headed, kinda' rosey in the face, "stalky" built (LOL)....a year or two older than me (I think). He walks the roads a lot in Clay. I'm sure you know who he is. Ask your sis...She could tell ya' who he is. He was always starting trouble up at the store.

Sounds like you're in for a fun week!! Tell Crystal I said "Hello". And YES, I've been enjoying the sun. Love, love, LOVE those sunshiny days. :) The kids and I have went swimming three times this week. We had a blast. Got attacked by a 8 or 9 inch smallmouth bass the second time. It kept getting my toes. LOL Hope you have a great weekend...and have a good time at Crystal's!

*Lotsa' hugs*