Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You Are Absent, Yet In Your Absence You Are Near To Me

In your absence
sorroes spin downward
like the little yellow leaves of the tree
while I wait in the night.
In your absence
the night becomes a dark forest
where my passion finds no path.
In your absence
you are far away
but your absence is as near to me as my soul.
Do you remember
the day I flowed into the rose-red river of your life
like a summer shower
and your clover-like eyes revived ?
My eyes longed
to meet the virgin sun.
My word thirsted like a forest
for your eyes refreshing as rain.
My arms pined
for your flowerlike form
and your daisy hair
looked at my fingers.
I said that the storm brought rain
and the waves gave the sand of secrecy
to the wide beaches.
Which of them- am I ?
your voice, a flock of wingless quails, answered,
" I know not!"
Why do you not know ?
oh, girl-river, why do you not know ?
If you are a rain-shower
you cannot avoid one day becoming
a friend of mountain, plain and valley.
If you are a winter night
you cannot escape
being kissed by the lips of lightning.

~© Farhad Shakely~

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