Friday, December 30, 2005

On Death

Can death be sleep when life is but a dream
And scenes of bliss pass as a phantom by?
The transient pleasures as a vision seem,
And yet we think the greatest pain is to die.

How strange is it that man on Earth should roam,
And lead a life of woe, but not forsake
His rugged path; nor dare he view alone
His future doom which is but to awake.

~© John Keats~


Southern Boy said...


Hope You had a Merry Christmas.

That poem-


Imma send you some mood elevators.

SmileyTD said...

Hey!! My Christmas was umm...ok. I survived it. :P How about yourself?? Was Santa good to you??

And....I happen to really like that poem. It says a lot if you really think about it. Guess I just have a twisted sense of perception sometimes. ;) But...if you have any extra of those mood elevators laying around going to waste, I could probably use them right about now. haha

Good to see ya' here. :)

~*I Like Pink*~ said...

Its really late and im half dazed atm but does the poem mean,
Maybe in life we are dead, and when we die we will finally awaken?

I might have to reread it in the morning though. I dont had my mood elevator *giggles*

Hope you have a blast on New Years hun.

And SB who are you >.< your around my same age your killin me ya know. TD make him tell....

*hugs* Loved your resolution hun

Melissa said...

Happy New Year !!! Lets hope 2006 is much better than 2005!!!

Hey Pink, if you figure out who SB is, let me know would ya?

I have been trying and for the life of me, I have no clue!

Oh and my resolution is to lose weight and control my temper....

SmileyTD said...

ILP, what I get from this poem is that he's saying that death shouldn't be what we fear/dread/worry's the waking up every morning that is what we should be afraid of. He's basically saying that life is a greater pain than death. It's morbid, I know. LOL

I'm glad that you liked my resolution. It's the one thing that I need the most....well, as you said...I think everyone else could use it as well.

As far as SB is concerned, if I could twist his arm for ya', I would. All I know is that he's a really nice person who happens to have a great sense of humor. :)
MP, good resolutions! I need to lose some weight myself, but I never make resolutions for those sorts of things....because I tend to keep putting them off. LOL A very wise man (my Grandpa) always said not to worry too much about your weight because it's the only thing you can take with ya' when you go. :P He also used to tell me that since I had big feet, that just meant I had a good foundation. (He wore a size 13EEE. LOL) He was great at making things seem alright. :) Anyway, good luck with your resolutions.
Hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve and that 2006 is a better year for all of us!!!

Southern Boy said...

I think the poem is an implication of an existence in which we really exist, but are asleep, and what we view as our conscious life is really a dream that we are having during that sleep.

The end of this life would be the end of that dream. and vice versa.

Death in this dream life would be waking up in the other life, which rather than being a new life, would be the same life we had been living while asleep and dreaming this life.

Get it?



Southern Boy said...

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream...

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrlily..

(You know the rest)

SmileyTD said...

Wow!! I actually understand all of that. LOL Very good interpretation of the poem. :P I went back and reread it a couple of times with that in mind. You may just be right. :) Thanks for the different view.

And yeah, I know the rest. ;) LOL

Keith said...

Good quote by Keats. I'm glad to know that someone else out there also reads the classics.

SmileyTD said...

The World's Greatest Blogger has arrived. LOL Great to see that you ventured over here! And yes, this is a great one by Keats. :)