Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Your heart holds mine,
our differences fitting
seamless, halves
made whole. Stranger
I know by heart,
your strength and faith...
kiss my neck and
rearrange the
constellations of
my stars, giving
me new history.
My heart crowds
around me, pushing
down my stomach,
strangling my tongue,
and tells my eyes
to close, feel my way,
tightrope walker
arms outstretched,
to you.
Like a childhood game
of Trust, I
fall to let you
catch me,
our fingers
touch and hold.

~© Author Unknown~


Melissa said...

Good Morning Smiley :-)

Good Morning SB :-)

Happy Valentines Day to all :-)

If you dont have a signifigant other the best thing to do is rent Dirty Dancing and buy yourself a box of candy :-) Well actually pick any man you adore in tights and rent it, it will comfort you, lol :-)

I myself went a different route this year, I bought hubby a cute little chocalote lab puppy :-) She is adorable and well I can enjoy her too :-) Although at this point she has taken up with our son, lol, she thinks he is a big chew toy!

You know what I really want for VD? I want to know the secret identity of SB, LMAO! I have absolutely no clue and well it drives me bonkers!

Well Smiley I am off to....well um...do something creative. Maybe I will learn to make a tag or those pretty sparkly things, LOL...

Oh BTW have you heard from ILP?? I haven't seen her recently....

Oh and one more thing, your site is still pretty and awesome :-)

SmileyTD said...

Hey, Melissa! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

The movie idea is a good one. I believe I'll be alright, though. I don't worry too much about that bein' alone stuff anymore.

What Valentine's day really means to me is that I have a legitimate excuse to be particularly sappy at random intervals. LMAO Actually, it's just like any other day...(only a little more commercialized). If I wanna' tell somebody something or do something nice for them, I don't hold off till a certain "set date" to do so. I just tend to do it a little bit MORE on Valentine's Day. LOL

That was really nice that you got your hubby the puppy. Labs are very smart dogs and good with kids, too. And they're so darn CUTE when they're little!! (Especially the chocolate labs) :P

Good luck with learning to do the tags and the sparkly thingies. Once you get the hang of it, it's quite addictive. It never gets old because as long as you have new ideas, there's always something different to do. :P

No, I haven't heard from ILP, but I saw her online a few nights ago. She's probably just been busy. :)

Have a good Valentine's Day....and thank you again for the compliments on my site. :)

Southern Boy said...

....I'm just a hunka hunka.....


caught me off guard there..

That graphic is really impressive!
Your site looks great as usual.

Thank you for the Valentine.
It's really nice.

Hope you like yours.
Im sure you know what inspired it.

Have A Southern V Day!!

Southern Boy said...

GM to you too MP.

Nice to see you back in the blogs.

HAve A Southern Day

SmileyTD said...

Sing it, SB!!!! LOL You are very welcome for the Valentine! :) I'm glad that you liked it.

And thank you for the compliments on my "burning heart" and the site. I appreciate them greatly. :)

By the way....I did have a Southern Valentine's Day. Thank you!

SmileyTD said...

Aaaaaand...I loved my Valentine. :P LOL