Monday, February 27, 2006

Stranger, I Now Ask

Would you..... if you didn't know me...

Would you step out into the darkness with me?
While the moon dances upon our skin just for us to see
Upon the stars we make a wish and promise not to tell
Of a feeling that grows deep and real but fast as well

Would you walk around like you were lost with me?
No one would bother us they would leave us be
Closer we get to each other, the touching of skin
The feeling that dwells begins to win

Would you sit and talk for hours with me?
My hand crawling to rest upon your knee
Listening we fall into a dream of bliss
And at that instant we lean in for the kiss

But you can’t do this for I am unknown
And the feelings that might come into play can’t be shown
I am a stranger to you as you are to me
But the contact we have could be the only needed key

So stranger, I now ask
The questions of would you, so we can both take off our masks

~© darkangeleyes57~


Southern Boy said...

GM TD!!!

Nice Poem and beautiful pic!

I hope Im not steppin on the lone stranger's toes commenting on a poem addressed to him.

Have A Southern Day.

SmileyTD said...

SB!!!! I am gonna' kick your posterior from here to next week! LMFAO For the record, that WAS NOT addressed to lone stranger...but instead to a certain *cough* butthead *cough, cough* that I happen to *ahem* like really well. You might even know the person I'm talking about. (Pardon all of the coughing and throat clearing. I seem to have suddenly gotten a tickle in my throat. hahaha)

By the way...good morning to you too! LOL I'm glad you like the poem and my cloud photo.
Hope you are having a wonderful Monday! :P

Southern Boy said...




I'll help ya.

>>> (_|_) <<<

Fire Away!!

SmileyTD said...

That was almost too easy. You just offered it right up there for me. hahaha Anyway, by the time I get finished paying ya' back for that one, you'll be scarred for life. LMAO

>>>>>> (_t|d_) <<<<<<

Southern Boy said...


Beat Me, Baby!

Make Me Pay!!!

SmileyTD said...

>:P Muahahahahaaa!!!!

Bo®nbadd said...


n this is one of my alltime favorite songs ~~Annnnnnd aaaaaaand annnnnnnndddddd u put the load put the load right on meeeeee~!~!

Rose said...

LOL I hate to interrupt, but Smiley, I just wanted to let you know - in case your counter isn't working - that I came here from the "Some Good, Some Bad" site. Before that, I was at "ClayByGumminies." Hope this saves you some time in your tracking endeavors. BAHAHAHAHAHA

SmileyTD said...

Hey there, Joe. It is a great song. I love the harmony that they do.


LMFAO, Rose!!! I'll be seein' what kinda' porn you've been lookin' at here in a soon as I go check my "visitor tracker". Muahahahaha!!