Friday, February 17, 2006

Quote Of The Day

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

~© Charles Spurgeon~


Southern Boy said...

"It's not having what you want-
It's wanting what you have."

(Or Something like that)

Gonna soak up the sun.........
Gonna tell everyone

GM TD!!!
Your poem reminded me of that song.

I kinda took some liberties with the actual lyrics,
but I never listen to lyrics anyhow.

Have A Southern Day!

SmileyTD said...

Good morning, SB!!! I like that tune. It's a happy one. :)

I like your changes in the lyrics, too. There are several instances where that would come in handy. LOL

~*I Like Pink*~ said...

Been ages since i been online doing much of anything other then downloading songs. Had to make my mother n law a couple. She picked a few really good songs to.
I hope you had a happy valentines ^^
mine was really nice went shoppin and out to dinner. My two favorite things ^^ and the candy will add a few pounds im sure but i just love them heart shapped chocolates =P

Well today is the first ive read on blogs herein clay. Boy its boring isnt it. Always about MP and the water. I have come to a conclusion though......
I think its about time for me to have our water cleaned. Im no well water and im glad i am cause that city water is some scarry stuff >.<
I think will do some surfing and see if i cant find someone to come in and take over CPSD. They bicker instead of deal with the problems. The water is dirty >.< and the sewer bills for town folks are rotten. OCEA maybe? Since no one gets paid for runnin the plant then i dont think they would mind if out of town folks come to clean it up.
Id rather clean it my own self to know it was clean >.<
ONe of these days well grow webbed feet or and extra arm or eye. >.<
ON a happier note...
Im totally reduing my house ^^ That is one of my favorite past times :) Gotta love wallpaper and paint ^^ Gonna start makin my wooden designs for the yard again to :) Maybe ill make you a pooh bear ^^
Speakin of songs atm im listening to Creep by Radiohead.
Im a creep...
IM a weirdo....
^^ *huggles much*
ps ima go to myspace tomorrow and catch up on some stuffs so ill leave a much delayed post foryas :)

SmileyTD said...

Hey, ILP!! Glad to see you here!! I was beginning to think I was gonna' have to go on the hunt for ya' to make sure you were alright. LOL

Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day. :) It's nice that you got to go out and enjoy yourself. Those little chocolate hearts are yummy...but I'm not biased. I love all chocolate equally, no matter what shape or form it's in. hehe

That's a great approach you have regarding the water. We all need to stand up and do our part or absolutely nothing will ever be accomplished.

I've been doing a little painting lately too. I love to do that kinda stuff. My walls throughtout the house were all either "rose beige" or "offshore mist". Both are just fancy names for beige, but the rose one has a nearly unnoticeable rose-colored tint to it. My bathroom was the first room I painted. Looks like you're walking into the ocean when you open the door. I did a coat of light teal as the base color and a really nice light blue as a top coat. Mixed the paint with wallpaper paste to thicken it. The walls look textured now. It's awesome. :P

Do you cut your own yard signs out before you paint them? If so, what kind of saw do you use? I have a couple, but the newest is a spiral saw that I haven't gotten to try out yet. Always wanted to seriously get into woodworking and have the tools to do it, but just never did get the chance to REALLY play. LOL I will though. I will.

You are very creative. One of these years, I'll have to come visit to see what all you've done to your house. And...I'd be honored to have a Pooh bear for my yard. Maybe I could bake you and your family some cookies or make ya' something pertiful to repay you. :)

Ya' know, it's too bad that there aren't many people in Clay who enjoy learning or doing new things. If there were, we could get together and have some kind of crafting workshop. Meet once a week or something, learn a bunch of new stuff. Perhaps someone different could come in each week and show step-by-step how to create certain things...start a project in the workshop and actually work on it from week to week until it was completed. I think it would be really fun (and something to do) if people would actually participate.

Anyway...thank you for the virtual hugs. I am always in need of a good hug. *hugs you back* Catch ya' on the flipside. :)

BTW, "Creep" is my favorite Radiohead song too. :)