Sunday, January 29, 2006


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be,
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance,
I have winced but not cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance,
My head is bloodied but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears,
Looms but the horror of the shade.
And yet the menace of the years,
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

~© William Earnest Henley~


Southern Boy said...

"You are the Master of your Fate,
You are the Captain of your Soul."

I believe that's true, TD.

Southern Boy said...

Hey TD-

Here's a quote by Silverstein.

Sound like anybody you know?

I have an ego, I have ideas, I want to be articulate, to communicate but in my own way. People who say they create only for themselves and don't care if they are published...I hate to hear talk like that. If it's good, it's too good not to share. That's the way I feel about my work.

SmileyTD said...

Hey there, SB! :) I also believe that part of the poem is true. That's actually what I like the most about that entire piece. Many times, people don't realize that life really is what we make it. It's all about the state of mind that we have...the way we think about things and the way we react and interact.

And yeah, that Silverstein quote does kinda' sound like someone I know. ;)

Hope you're having a good day.