Monday, January 30, 2006

A Quote From The Great Mark Twain

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

~© Mark Twain~


Melissa said...

Good Morning Smiley :-)

~*I Like Pink*~ said...

I think im bored to tears with this election stuff.....
It wouldnt matter who ran the voltures of Clay would pic them apart as well.
There is not one person here who hasnt done something wrong, so to speak, in their life.
Let those without sin cast the first stone sheesh!!!
I also got togo out this past weekened with the kids. :)
I took the camcorder out and watched the kids play :) Was a nice nice weekend ^^

SmileyTD said...

Hey, Melissa. How are you doing?


Hello, ILP. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean about being bored to tears with the election. As you said, no one person is a saint with a completely unblemished past. Oh well. That's one of the reasons why I would never consider running for any elected position in Clay County. It's not that my "past" is so horrible, but I just don't want it being a subject of discussion. heh This election stuff gets rediculous sometimes.

Glad you got to go out and enjoy yourself some. :) It was really nice out. I can't wait till Summer is here again. LOL

Melissa said...

In my case, I was being picked apart before I even decided to run, so I guess it really didn't affect my decision.

If you don't vote, then you can't gripe about it right?

Same thing goes when you decide to run. If you don't try to change things and put yourself out there, you can't complain about whom who have to choose from.

I was sick of complaining to my districts representative and not getting anything done, so I decided to run.

Does it matter if I do get elected? Not to me. I will always know that I tried to change things and besides there are other things that can be done to change things, even if you are not an elected official.

That is my biggest complaint. Why wait until campaign time to stand for something and make promises? What have you done to help in the meantime?

Me, I can honestly say that I pursued a lot of goals for my community before I decided to run. I think if that is achievable as a nobody, maybe status will allow me to help others???

Anyway, sorry about the campaign speech. It is just a topic that I am passionate about.

I am good Smiley, how are you?

SmileyTD said...

I'm doin' ok, Melissa. Thanks for asking. :)

~*I Like Pink*~ said...

Nicely said Mp ^^
*Pokes TD*

SmileyTD said...

*innocent face* Whatcha' pokin' me for? I didn't do anything. Honest. Musta' been that same person that my kids blame stuff on. I think his full name is "It Wasn't Me". *giggles*