Thursday, January 26, 2006

'Tis True....

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.

~© Doug Larson~


Melissa said...

I would love to be fishing! Used to go all the time :)

I was 9 months pregnant, dilated one and in the middle of the Elk with a fishing pole!

I wish my son enjoyed fishing!

Still love the site smiley :)

Hi SB and Pink too :)

SmileyTD said...

I've always loved fishing too. My Granny used to take me with her from the time I was big enough to walk. We'd get in the boat here in Two Run and go all the way up above Spread, then float back down the river, fishing all the way. (Of course, we'd have to get out and walk the boat across the shoals in places.)
Other times, we'd sit on the bank down behind Reba Neal's old place or below the split there at Go-Mart and fish for hours on end. We each had "our own" rocks that we sit on every time we'd go. I caught a citation catfish down below the old Gino's when I was about 9 or 10 years old. Dang thing nearly pulled me in the river. I stood there and fought it for about 35 or 40 minutes before I ever got it up to the bank.
Most of my best childhood memories involve a fishing pole and a riverbank somewhere. Actually, most of my best memories as an adult are the same way. It's always so relaxing to put your hook in the water, then sit back and watch the world go by. Doesn't get any better than that.

~*I Like Pink*~ said...

Fishing ahhh the luxary!! I havent been fishing in years. My new fella dont do anything but play video games. Does a fishing game count.... *hmm* nope! Ha
My fishin now is fishin for songs to download. Im a download queen! Yeah yeah they say its illegal... pish posh :) Not like i sell em haha i give them out for free... isnt that worse? *evil grin* For really fast music dl's use limewire. ^^ and its free thats a plus =P I just finished dling all cds from Staind. Their new song Right Here is nice, So Far Away will always be my favorite from them though.
Hi Mp as well :)
Do you find it odd that i can put the worm on the hook but i cant take the fishy off?? I still enjoy fishing though. I love makin a campfire and havin hotdogs on a stick and marshmallows. I dont think i actually ate any fish i cought. Could be cause the most of em was tiny lil rainbow thingys ^^ None the less it was fun and relaxing..... Now im determind to teach my kids how to fish... time for video games to take a long break.....SUMMER HURRY UP!!!!

~*I Like Pink*~ said...

Lmao!! Sorry TD i just had to stop in and say i stopped at Roses site just a minute ago o.O

They are bickering over Spongebob o.O
Lmao they think hes gay... i dont think they see the bigger picture.. if you sit and watch it.. i mean pay attention to it youll see alot of sexual things on it. lmao ok ok so i see the perversion in alot of things. I like spongebob cause its dingy and it has alot of hidden meanings that adults catch. Ok enough of my giggling over spongebob :)

^^ Maybe ill sit and watch the movie and write a list of the lil naughty things i notice =P

*hugs always*

SmileyTD said...

Hey, ILP!! My sister just bought me the new Staind CD for Christmas (or my birthday...something anyway). It is great!! Of course, I like everything I've heard from them. :)

Nah, it's not really odd that you don't like taking the fish off the hook. I know several people like that. As far as eating the catch of the day, I like fresh fish as long as I don't take a big bite and run into bones. LOL I'm ok the first time around, but if it happens two or three times, I get a bit disgusted.

I also greatly enjoy the other things that ya' get to do when you're on a riverbank. The marshmallows and hot dogs taste the best when cooked on a freshly cut stick and held over an open fire!! Jumpin' in the water when the fish aren't bitin'. That's the greatest thing ever. We spend a LOT of time on the river when the weather's right....go early of the morning and don't come home until everyone is worn completely out. Can't wait till time to do all that!!!! Ahhh...I love Summer.

And...umm...yeah...I saw the posts about Spongebob. LMAO It does have perversions, but the kids don't "get" that. (Maybe we're just dirty minded?) :P Anyway, I like watching Spongebob for the exact same reasons you do. I got a BIG kick outta' the comments over on her blog, though. hahaha When you make that list, post it here, will ya'? I wanna' see if you missed any. LMAO

It's supposed to be up to 50 this weekend...warm enough to get outside for a bit!! Hope you have a good one, whatever ya' do!

*hugs to you too*

Melissa said...

SpongeBob and subtle messages? That is something that I never picked up on before! I must say if I ever get to watch it again, I will be looking for these messages, lol.

Speaking of cartoons, have you seen the new one Diago? Is that it? It is just like Dora but its a boy this time. I found it strange and odd, but my kid enjoys it.

My favorite is still Smurfs. Thinking about it now, it does seem odd that more smurfs keep showing up and there is only one female in the village, lol!

Well I better go and get something done!

Bye :-)