Saturday, March 11, 2006


The meadow and the mountain with desire
Gazed on each other, till a fierce unrest
Surged 'neath the meadow's seemingly calm breast,
And all the mountain's fissures ran with fire.
A mighty river rolled between them there.
What could the mountain do but gaze and burn?
What could the meadow do but look and yearn,
And gem its bosom to conceal despair?
Their seething passion agitated space,
Till lo! the lands a sudden earthquake shook,
The river fled: the meadow leaped, and took
The leaning mountain in a close embrace.

~© Ella Wheeler Wilcox~


Bo®nbadd said...

Wow that was a gooder one ~~Good for the mountain and the meadow ~!!

Melissa said...

Hey Smiley!

Hey SB!

I like Tigger, LOL, I was hoping he was around, LOL.

I like the new poem and picture. Pretty cool as always.

Anyone know who the new blog belongs to? The other one or something like that. Some have assumed it is me, but honest its not!


SmileyTD said...

Hello there, Joe. Wasn't that a nice ending to that pretty poem?! It's great when things work out like they should.


Thanks, MP. No clue about the new blog.

.:*~*:._.:*NotMelissa*:._.:*~*:. said...

I know who the new blog belongs to.