Monday, March 06, 2006

A Special Love

How can I compare your beauty
to other faces?

You seduce me in the sunshine
unashamedly, knowing I cannot look away.

My soul cries out more, more,
and again I search your dark eyes
until I'm strapped in a trance like state.

You proceed to tease
my lips with your tongue delegating my mind
to your ocean, where I glide above the
surface gushing with exhilaration.

Your bouquet fills my face and body
projecting me to hovering heights
that have my heart
racing as if in a lover's embrace.

Yet, you free me
to further savour your endless delights,
till I cannot get enough,
and consume you like an army
of leaf ants would ravage to build their home.

Just as I can feel the slip into the next dimension,
a painless place free of blame,
I open my eyes and you sit there waiting.

Gee I love Mudcake.

~© Rob Swales~


Southern Boy said...

WTF is Mudcake??

~*I Like Pink*~ said...

I dunno about mudcake but i sure do love cheese cake ^^

How you been miss Trina? Been the same ole same ole here. I did however get 1/2 the kids bedroom done lol. Iran out of paste and havent been back to town to pic up more. WE had a nice few days there i was hopin it would stay kinda nice. Now its all icky and cold again. So much for turnin of the heat and openin the windows.....BOOOO!
I know i dont get on much anymore, but im in one of them moods where everything bores me. TV, PC, Video games, Movies , books.... i got like a 5 min attension span on them then im off to the other.
A girls night out is lookin better and better. lol Take care princess
*lots of hugs always*

SmileyTD said...

Mud cake is only one of the greatest ooey gooey chocolate cakes ever, SB!! Yeah...the poem is about a love affair with chocolate cake. LMAO I found it quite amusing. :P

Hey, ILP! Great to see ya'! Been wondering about you. I'm doing pretty well myself. Thanks for asking.

The weather was really nice there for a while. I enjoyed that as well. The kids and I went for a few walks, took some pics and just kinda' meandered in the sunshine.

I understand completely about the mood you're talking about. I get that way from time to time as well. Seems like it goes in cycles or something. I'll really enjoy a certain hobby for a while, then I move on to something else, then something else...etc. Eventually, I get back to the hobby I started out with...but sometimes that takes a while.

We'll get around to that girl's night out one of these days, won't we?? LOL Hope all is well with ya'. Yell at me sometime. I'm almost always home. :)


Bo®nbadd said...

Hmmmm thats a sexy fuckin cake man ~YOW~

SmileyTD said...