Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Trees...

The trees were budding, the birds were singing - the grass was wet - the whole earth was shining. And suddenly I was the trees and the flowers and the birds and the grass - and there was no I at all.

~© Kahlil Gibran~


Rose said...

It's very quiet over here ... which is nice, because this is such an insightful, thought-provoking site.

Sometimes, it's nice just to come here & bask in the serenity. Until the kids find me & politely wipe the drool from my chin & shake me ever slightly. LOL

I love your pics. Such simple beauty to be found everywhere & so rarely do we slow down to enjoy it. Thanks for putting it here where we can enjoy it whenever life allows. :)

SmileyTD said...

Thank you, Rose. I am really happy that you enjoy my blog. :) It may not be as "exciting" as your's or the others, but I try to keep it interesting for those that do take the time to stop by.

When I really got into posting things here, my intentions were to share some of my favorite things with other people. It's always nice to hear that they are appreciated. :) That makes continuing it worthwhile.

Rose said...

"Exciting" is such a relative term. LOL

The rest of them go from interesting to thought-provoking to juvenile to ridiculous & everything in between. Consistency is such a welcome change. LOL

Do you display your work anywhere??

SmileyTD said...

You do have a point about the blogs going from one level to another...and many times it happens within a matter of minutes. :S I don't think it would matter what topic is posted, it seems things eventually take a turn for the worst. Consistency can be a good thing. I just don't want to run it into the ground. LOL (If it comes to that, let me know. Ok? LOL)

The only place I have my various things displayed are here on this blog. I have a few personal albums and have shared a few photos in an MSN group or two. There is also a group where I sometimes make signature tags in Paint Shop Pro and offer them to people (usually using other artist's work with permission as the main part of the tag).

Other than doing a few things here and there for various websites and friends, I haven't been very active with PSPing lately. Too many other things going on. Most of this, I do for fun anyway. If you, by any chance, want to check out some of the newer animations I have done, you can look at this profile. I was playing around with some different animation techniques and trying to help out my sister's bf and the band he's in all at the same time. The BMR logo and all of the animations of the band members on the right hand side are my work. They still need a little tweaking done to them. (Speaking of which, I should do that soon...before I forget. LOL)

I greatly enjoy taking pictures because it's like capturing a memory...only I can share what I see. I love being able to show someone the beauty in simple things that are around us every day, but are often overlooked. A lot of times, peoples' lives are just too busy and they go through their days at a rushed pace and miss things like that.

The writing I do is almost always personal. I use it mostly for a means of "release" get pent up emotions OUT and save my well as everyone elses' around me. LOL I have had a few poems published over the years, though. :)

I draw a little, too (when I'm inspired)...but that's basically just a hobby. Doing these things keep my imagination busy....allowing me to use my brain for good instead of evil. :P hahaha Like I said, though...this is the only place where I really share my stuff. :)

(Dang...after I looked up at what I've just written, I realize that I got a little windy. :S Oops. LOL)

Rose said...

"Windy" is such a relative term. I think it only applies to people who just blow to cause a breeze. LOL

Therapeutic writings are so ... therapeutic. I've got a million of them hidden away from years gone by. Shewee!! teeheehee

As a non-talented, artsy-challenged person, I just so appreciate when true talent is shared with me. Especially when it's something I can recognize & understand ...

yufuzi said...

That's it, T. That's Dao. You do understand, after all. :)